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Welcome to my site. My name is Skyler Wolf Jones and it’s a pleasure to meet you! My personal mission is to: Inspire others and myself to experience enthusiasm, joy and passion in living. My slogan is "Make Today Awesome" knowing every day is an opportunity to become the best version of ourselves! Feel free to explore my work, get excited about the possibilities of working together, and then contact me.



Distinguished History

It’s simple, I provide my team a strong vision, their resources and tools while allowing them to be innovative and accountable. In return, they are high performers unsatisfied with the status quo taking ownership in driving results. Together we learn, celebrate, fail and grow!


Unparalleled Creativity

My blood is 91% creativity and 9%, well… other blood stuff. My mind is a constant creator of improvement whether it be a product, a process or conceptual idea. This has been instrumental in finding lean solutions through organizational development and refining processes. A curse for me as I can’t shut it off, but companies I have worked with have improved bottom lines, increasing profit margins, expanding product offerings and eliminating inefficiencies.



Most known for finally creating a book dudes will read about parenthood, I am the co-author of the book “From Dude to Dad.” Delving into two of my life’s passions, I wrote the book “InCorporate Poetry” which is a nice blend of training concepts through poetry. One of my favorite books I’ve written is my own poetry capturing some of my life’s experiences in “Skyler Wolf Jones The Man Behind the Pen.”


Dynamic & Engaging

There is no venue too big or too small. I love sharing and presenting on a variety of topics such as Leadership, Parenting and Learning and Development. My style is energetic and has been proven to be inspiring. People must be engaged and they will not be engaged without energy, knowledge, humor and awareness. I have been fortunate to impact thousands of individuals through speaking engagements.

About Me

First and foremost I am a family man who lives by the slogan “Make Today Awesome”. I have been blessed with 3 amazing boys and fortunate enough to marry my best friend. My goal in life is to have as many experiences as possible, spending less time accumulating stuff and more time engaged in what life has to offer. My family and I love to travel and when we aren’t outdoors in the mountains you can bet we are at a nice sandy beach running around in the sand and splashing in the ocean.

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I have spent over a decade studying and getting hands-on experience in the areas of learning and development, business consulting, managing and organizing projects and the creative processes of building engaging content. My track record has demonstrated and proven I know how to generate results in these areas and I have a ranking of 99+ endorsements in my top 5 skills on LinkedIn.

Instructional Design
Project Management
Content Creation
Org Development

Content Development

Award-Winning Content

Creating fresh content is where I am a powerhouse. My creativity is endless and I have a knack for taking complex processes and products and simplifying them into perfect consumable content pieces. Someone once told me I could find the angle in a perfect circle that would connect with an audience and drive them to take action. Whether I am leading a team or doing a solo mission, the content I create be it video, web, print or more is awesome and you will love it.

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Learning and Development

Unorthodox and Effective

Because my background isn’t comprised of a formal education I am extremely passionate about taking advantage of and creating opportunities for solid learning experiences that fosters the development of individuals, teams and companies. There is no graduation to the evolution of knowledge, only checkpoints. This makes it critical to constantly be creating learning programs that will advance the current workforce’s capabilities to perform confidently and quickly while companies pivot to survive, thrive and lead in their markets.

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Project and Program Management

It's Not The Tools, It's The Details

Too much time is wasted on evaluating project management and program management tools. The tools are useful sure, but if they are too complex, take too much time to update, or simply aren’t convenient they won’t give you the data you are looking for or help drive projects to completion on time and on budget. My goal is to always alleviate those who are fulfilling the work by asking them for the smallest amount of time as possible in providing predictable and precise updates and let them focus on what they do best while I manage the project scope – hence the project manager or program manager. It’s not the tool driving projects forward, it is the details within the workflow.

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  • Years Experience

    It’s amazing how fast time flies. I remember the first time I stepped in front of a classroom with 50+ people staring at me waiting to be taught the fundamentals of resume writing and interviewing. 18 years later, I still love helping people reach their potential through being a LIFE Coach, teaching and mentoring. Here are a few positions to help illustrate how my career expanded from classroom facilitation into instructional design and to the present day leading and managing teams to creating engaging content for sales, marketing, training and HR.

  • 09/01/2006
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    Current Job

    SkyWolfJones Consulting Senior Training Consultant | LIFE Coach | Recruiter

    SkyWolfJones consulting provides the highest quality of work in the following services. -Full scale training solutions. Video, Elearning, ILT, Blended, Project Management, Program Management, LMS Implementation/Management, Instructor Guides, Train the Trainer, Web-Hosted, Global Delivery, Knowledge Base Management, Quizzing, Surveys, Certifications. -LIFE Coaching, whether you are a seasoned executive, an entrepreneur or new to your career I love working with people creating a journey to constantly becoming the best version of themselves! -Recruiting, no matter what the position is, I can find you the right candidate. Companies Skyler Has Worked With: *Chartlogic *MediConnect, *Blue Cross and Blue Shield * JetBlue Airways * Henry Schein * inContact, HealthSpring, Living Well Health Centers, Accelerated Payment Technologies, WinWest Shuttle * Stampin' Up!, Agent Insurance Claims Processing Services, *Utah College MT, Real Success Institute, Thin Blue Edge Computer Technologies, Perfect Price Auto Sales, MSTM Co., Ideal Projections, Glistened Technologies, Veracity Financial, Master Sound Effects

  • 03/16/2015 07/10/2017
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    Thumbtack Thumbtack Training Manager

    Created the brand, mission and vision of Thumbtack LIFE - a skill based learning approach that increases the quality of work and home life. Managed and inspired multi-continental teams to achieve record csat through multiple communication channels. Created and built Mastery Certification - eliminated costly paid help desk into empowered MC desk - better more productive solutions provided in a quicker time frame. Average new hire class transitioning to the floor at 96% customer satisfaction rating. Center average 92%. This set the record.

  • 07/01/2014 03/13/2015
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    DemoChimp Director of Content Development

    Established processes and standards unifying a team of contractors, in house motion and graphic artists, script writers and video producers to effectively streamline video creation to industry leading turnaround times without sacrificing video quality, efficacy and results. Organized and built the project management system, file structure and contracting network to effectively scale business production in rapid growth.

    ➢ Decreased video production time by 6 weeks saving over 120 FTE hours per 11 published minutes.
    ➢ Increased profit margins by 34.5% yielding an additional $995 bottom line savings per demo.
    ➢ Maintained an average rating of 9.8 out of 10 satisfaction score through content evaluation period.
    ➢ Managed 50+ clients through creation and maintenance of video content inside SaaS platform.

  • 08/02/2012 07/01/2014
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    Vivint Content Development Training Manager

    Created, implemented and branded the Learning Management System (LMS) Vivint Academy and the knowledge base (KB) Knowledge In Motion (KIM). Built 250+ training modules including video, instructor led, blended curriculum, core competency and skilled base learning. Created and maintained over 1500 knowledge articles including a disposition troubleshooting guide, consolidated multiple information platforms into a single sign-on SaaS integrated with the HRIS.

    ➢ $1.75M increase in sales
    ➢ $4.4M cost savings through improved processes and increased one-call resolutions
    ➢ Decreased employee attrition from 64% to 16% with 2,000 new hires
    ➢ Decreased cost per trainee (CPT) by $107.25

  • 01/05/2005 01/05/2007
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    Blue Cross and Blue Shield Senior Instructional Designer and eLearning

    Developed two key learning modules making meetings/learning/training events valuable to the company. I was nominated for Employee of the Year by increasing productivity and decreasing meeting times.

    Designed a complete leadership package that tackled the topics of project management, organizational change, time and change management, communication and vision, integrating the corporate initiatives.

    Constructed a unified, three tiered learning event that enhanced the soft skills and communication levels between internal departments to drive home a team concept of putting the customer first, always.

  • 01/05/1999 01/01/2001
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    Utah College Of Massage Therapy Instructor and Program Manager

    Instructed the Professional Development course for over 500 students leading to a 50% placement rate before graduation teaching critical skills in resume writing, interviewing and starting a business. Organized in a collegiate environment a trend setting Spring job fair creating 220+ annual job openings.

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From Dude to Dad

The Only Guide a Dude Needs to Become a Dad


InCorporate Poetry

New Learning, New Style, New You


Man Behind the Pen

A hand-selected collection of poems by Skyler Wolf Jones

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From Dude to Dad - The Only Guide a Dude Needs to Become a Dad was written for dudes by dudes. This cleverly humorous book handles the real topics dudes want to hear and know about while providing amazing illustrations to convey key points during the process of becoming a dad. If you are about to become a dad, already a dad, or just want a fun read, this book is for you.

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Working Will Never Be the Same This book offers a blend of poetry, experience, and creativity to drive those in corporate America to think and act differently. Whether you are in a meeting, playing nicely with your team, or just being a productive individual, “Incorporate Poetry” can evoke emotion for positive results. Email to get your copy today. Discount for bulk orders.

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A collection of poems that take you into the thoughts and feelings of the modern day poet Skyler Wolf Jones. The Man Behind the Pen is the first book published displaying Skyler’s personal poetry collection. Email to get your copy today, electronic copies only.

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“Skyler’s leadership is second to none. He gives his teams direction and complete autonomy to get things moving forward into completion. He takes time to discuss the reasons behind decisions so work isn’t do-as-I-say, but rather learn-and-do. He attracts great talent into his organization and allows growth and opportunity through delegation and ownership. He consistently challenges the status quo and looks for opportunities to improve his team and organization. Skyler has been and is a great leader and would recommend him if you are wanting a dynamite team in your organization.”

“Skyler completely overhauled our training department exactly how we imagined! Couldn't be happier with the timeline, scope, and delivery.”

“Skyler is a fun, detail-oriented trainer and training builder who is very good at what he does. He devotes time to making sure he knows everyone he is working with personally and works hard to make everyone feel comfortable and happy. His focus is creating training that empowers learners so they can perform their job to the best of their abilities. He is a positive influence in the workplace. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Skyler for any job, especially those where he will be interacting directly with a large number of employees.”

"Skyler has the unique and intuitive ability to quickly recognize organizational and training needs. While working remotely, he developed curriculum that built up both our frontline and management's needed core competencies. He is a joy to work with and an individual you would still enjoy spending time with at the end of the day!"

“Skyler is a highly-motivated and outstanding business development professional. His negotiation and strategic selling skills are impressive and his team-player mentality assures a "win win" for all. He keeps the company's best interests at the forefront while simultaneously championing what is right for the customer. He has the breadth to see a strategic opportunity and still execute a tactical workplan. Furthermore, Skyler is terrific with challenging assignments, tight deadlines and works well under adverse conditions. But most importantly he's pleasant to be around and takes great pride in making a difference in an organization or endeavor. I highly recommend Skyler for any company or assignment that can best leverage his skills.”

"Being able to produce content for other companies can be extremely difficult. Skyler makes it look effortless. He has a way with words and can share a vision that inspires the group to form around and work toward being successful together."

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